May 12, 2012

In honor of Edward Lear and his Nonsense

It’s May 12, 2012—International Owl & Pussycat Day!

In honor of the 200th birthday of Edward Lear, renowned for his Nonsense Poems, the UK is celebrating the day with limericks, recitations of his poems, and discussions of his life and works.

He is far less known for his landscapes paintings, done from his travels through Greece and the Near East, and for his ornithological studies that were declared to rival those of Audubon.

I fell in love with his nonsense verse with their accompanying nonsensical illustrations as a child.  Coming from a rather serious family I was stunned and delighted that anyone, no less an adult, was allowed to be so silly—on purpose.

And he loved cats. His beloved fuzzy Foss, lived to be 15 years old. His sorrow at his passing can only be imagined, for he himself died a mere 2 months later.

No doubt he would be surprised and amused to be celebrated internationally.

Cheers, Mr. Lear! Thanks for being silly and making serious nonsense!